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B-Calcium is designed for all the species fed by high level phosphorus foods (vegetables and insects) to balance calcium/phosphorous ratio in the diet of tortoises, lizards and other vegetables and insects eaters species.

B Calcium contains dextrose, calcium carbonate, vitamin C and all the group B vitamins. It doesn’t contain vitamin D3, to reduce the risk of hypervitaminosis. Spirulina gives important nutritional elements (proteins, -carotene, minerals, etc.).

Cane sugar yeast increases nutritional value of the product because its content of sugars, high biological value proteins, B vitamins, natural enzymes, salts and unknown growth factors.

Suggested daily dose:

Green foods: one measuring spoon (2 gr.) every 100 g of food. 

Insects: allow to insects to be covered by B- Calcium powder, leaving them some minutes inside the pro- duct, before to give them as food.

Package: 100 g.

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