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Bio-Herp is specifically designed for carnivorous reptiles. Including both liposoluble and hydrosoluble vitamins, it allows to restore all the vitamins lost in frozen food.

It’s an ideal product to balance the diet of reptiles fed by rats, mice, day old chicks and other frozen preys. The herbal extracts with phytotherapic activities, increase immune system and metabolism of Reptiles and improve their liver’s functions.

It includes also Spirulina, rich of important nutrients . Bio-Herp is enriched by prebiotics (maltodextrine, yeasts, fructoligosaccarids) to stimulate growing of benefic gut flora and to reduce gut’s colonization of pathogens.

Suggested daily dose:

Put the powder directly inside the food at the dosage of 4 grams per kg of body weight.  It can be also added with hot water (at the rate of 1 part of powder and 2 parts of water) to inject inside the prey.

Package: 100 g.

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