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Felis is a premixture specifically formulated to meet unique needs of captive wild Felines. When properly blended with raw food, it provides essential nutrients for all metabolic and physiological functions of feline’s body for optimal maintenance, growth, reproduction and health.

Felis contains high amount of Taurine (20%) a critical essential amino acid in the cats’ diet. Its deficiency results in various clinical signs including dilated cardiomyopathy, retinal dege- neration, poor growth and development, fetal abnormalities.

Cane sugar Yeast (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) increases nutritional value of the product because its content of sugars, high biological value proteins, B vitamins, natural enzymes, salts and unknown growth factors. It also improves palatability of the product.

Suggested daily dose:

the product is designed to be added at 0,5% of wet weight of meat (5 grams/ Kg).

Package: 1 kg.

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