Falcon Boost

Strees – Diseases

The original recipe of Falcon Boost includes herbal extracts, yeasts, tincture of Echinacea, vitamins and minerals to stimulate non specific immunity of falcons in all the cases that are reduced (stress, diseases, etc.) and to increase natural immune defence of raptors against a lot of pathogens.  

This herbal based premixture is very useful during birds shipment, stress and quarantine, because is able to support avian immune system activity reducing risk of developing infectious diseases. The presence of Inulin and Yeasts stimulate the good gut microflora and makes this product very effective as gut regulator and allows to reduce antibiotic use and to treat Raptors in a natural way.

For this reason Falcon Boost acts as co adjuvant in the treatment of Aspergillosis, crop and gut infections and other infectious diseases.

Suggested daily dose:

put inside the food (eviscerated prey) half measuring spoon (1 gram) of the product per kilogram of body weight for 15 days or following veterinary indications..

Package: 100 g.