Falcon Power


Falcon Power is an original premixture specifically designed to increase Falcons’ muscular power.

It contains Carnitine to support liver functions and fatty acids metabolism, to reduce lactate production and to increase resistance to fatigue.

Sugars content of Falcon Power is a source of quickly available energy.

Falcon Power contains aminoacids with functions of  metabolism stimulator, detoxifying and activating gluconeogenesis.

Minerals’ content of Falcon Power improves muscular cells contraction.

Unique formulation of Falcon Power makes this product ideal for intensive training, hunting, racing and in all the cases of increased request of energy by organism (diseases, rehabilitation, convalescence).

Suggested daily dose:

put inside the food half measuring spoon (1 gram) of the product per kilogram of body weight.

Start treatment one week before the day of intense work and then give it to the falcon only on days of real workload.

Package: 100 g.